Managed Services

On-Demand Support

In today’s fast-paced business environment, rapid-response assistance is more crucial than ever. It’s not just about fixing issues but ensuring that your systems operate smoothly and efficiently. Every minute counts, and any downtime can be detrimental to productivity.

• Remote/On-Site IT Support
• IT Infrastructure Diagnostics
• Platform Implementation & Training

Comprehensive Protection

Fortify your digital assets with top-tier protection against threats, ensuring business data remains uncompromised. In today’s fast-paced business environment, rapid-response assistance is more crucial than ever.

• 24×7 Network
• Monitoring+Remediation
• Anti-Virus/Malware Protection
• Advanced Cybersecurity Defense

Strategic Guidance

Navigating the future of business requires a sound IT blueprint. Let Add-Savvy IT craft a tailored strategy that aligns technology with your vision, propelling growth and ensuring market resilience.

• Application Research & Selection
• Risk-Mitigation & Scalability Evaluation
• IT Eco-System Viability Assessment


3-Tiered Program

Our Managed IT Services Program offers a mix of key IT services for a monthly amount. The program’s distinctive 3-tier design provides comprehensive IT support.

Our wide-ranging program, allows Add-Savvy IT to: protect your network, maintain your technology equipment, offer remote help-desk support, and provide strategic consultation for evolving IT solutions. We coordinate all vendors needed to deliver an efficient & trustworthy single point of contact.

Any IT service not included within Managed IT Services Program will be subject to hourly rate. Hourly rate determined by support level needed to address/rectify client request.

Additional Services


Team will implement IT solutions & best practices to protect client systems, networks, & programs from digital attacks. In an era rife with digital threats, safeguarding digital assets is non-negotiable. Our dedicated cybersecurity team deploys IT solutions fused with industry best practices. We stand as the digital shield, safeguarding systems, networks, and programs from any potential cyber onslaughts, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Network Monitoring

Monitor client's network performance thoroughly. Provide insights at device/interface level. Provide key network insights, & effective remediation if damage occurs. In the interconnected realm, network health dictates business vitality. We dive deep into network performance, providing insights down to the device and interface level. With our keen monitoring, we not only offer businesses a clear picture of their network's pulse but also assure rapid and effective intervention, should any challenges arise.

POS Installation

We'll configure POS Systems to ensure transactions process correctly & ensure that unauthorized access is prevented. Every transaction is a testament to a business's reliability. Our expertise in POS System configuration ensures not only the accurate processing of transactions but also robust security measures. With us, businesses can rest assured that every sale is secure and safeguarded from any unauthorized intrusions.

Digital-Signage Software

Ability to update screens instantly & display digital-menus, new products, new services, promotions, etc. Engaging displays can redefine a brand's presence. Our Digital-Signage Software offers businesses the agility to refresh screens in real-time. Whether spotlighting digital-menus, unveiling new offerings, or launching promotions, we empower brands to communicate dynamically, capturing audience attention effectively.

Server Administration

Add-Savvy IT will be responsible for keeping client's computer network up-to-date & operating as intended. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, consistent network performance is crucial. Entrust Add-Savvy IT with this vital task, and witness a harmonious blend of timely updates and optimal operation, ensuring your network remains a powerful asset in your business arsenal.

Server Virtualization

MSP provided virtual server. Kicks-in instantly if needed. Most clients never notice any productivity loss or disruption. In the digital age, seamless server operations are paramount. With our MSP-provided virtual server, businesses are shielded from unexpected downtime. The moment there's a glitch, our backup kicks in instantaneously. The beauty of this transition is its invisibility; most of our clients sail through their tasks, often unaware of any potential disruption, ensuring consistent productivity.

Structured Wiring

Team specializes in the highest quality installation of all certified data cabling including: Category 5e/6/fiber-optic / buried / aerial. Infrastructure is the backbone of efficient data flow. Our team, seasoned in installing premium-quality data cabling, ensures robust and reliable connections. Whether it's Category 5e, 6, fiber-optic, buried, or aerial cabling, we lay the foundation for impeccable communication, ensuring both speed and stability.

Telecommunication + VoIP Installation

Team will employ Voice Over Internet Protocol. Client able to make voice calls using broadband internet connection. In the age of unified communications, seamless voice interactions become pivotal. With our expert Telecommunication + VoIP Installation, Add-Savvy IT ensures clients can leverage the power of broadband for crystal-clear voice calls, bridging gaps and fostering stronger connections.

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